Treston Height Adjustable TP Workbenches

The Treston TP workbench is the perfect entry level professional quality workbench.  It's solid construction can handle loads up to 300Kg* on a day-to-day basis. A wide range of accessories are available to turn the TP workbench into the perfect work station for every task.

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The TP bench is the result of over 35 years experience, combining a simple modular system for accessories with an unsurpassed build quality and a stepless height adjustment (from 650mm to 900mm). 

The 500mm deep TP workbench is a lighter duty product and can only handle 150Kg.

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Dimensions below are to the nearest half inch, metric units are exact

Depth (front-back)

Capacity (kg)

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Key features

  • The adjustable height reduces fatigue on workers and can be an important health & safety requirement in some industries.
  • The height is easily adjusted with an allen-key between 650mm and 900 mm
  • TP workbenches are perfect for a wide range of environments, including technical, manufacturing, medical & heavy industry 
  • These workbenches will provide decades of use in the harshest of conditions.
  • 25mm thick laminated particle boad surface.


Official Treston assembly video for the TP adjustable workbench.

Downloads for Treston Height Adjustable TP Workbenches

treston-tp-adjustable-workbench-assembly-instructions.pdf (4 KB)
Download the assembly instructions for Treston height adjustable TP workbench as a Adobe PDF file.

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