Winter preparation

The right winter preparation and maintenance equipment can reduce the risk of injury in snowy or icy conditions, as well as increase your productivity in outdoor spaces such as loading and unloading zones. We provide a complete range of tools and equipment to help you limit the effects of bad weather, including snow shovels, salt and grit bins and spreaders, white and brown rock salt, and our winter starter kits, which give you a head start in tackling snow and ice.

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In order to avoid potential liability in the case of slips or trips, it is vital that you keep busy pathways and other pedestrian areas clear of snow and ice, as recommended by health and safety regulation. Part of the duty of care that employers and landowners owe to employees and other visitors is the responsibility to maintain safe and clear walkways wherever possible. The right equipment will not only increase the safety of staff and visitors but also minimise the disruptions to your productivity caused by winter weather.

The minimum we advise for small enterprises and domestic environments is a store of salt and a hand held scoop spreader. These will enable you to clear small paths and driveways. For larger business and institutional premises, we can provide tonne sacks of brown or white de-icing salt and adjustable, towable spreaders with up to a 160 litre capacity. Additionally, our salt and grit bins offer a great way to store your de-icing materials throughout the year, and with a range of designs, and capacities anywhere from 30 litres to 400 litres, our models are suitable for any public, commercial, industrial or domestic environment.

Finally, if you need a complete solution, our winter preparation kits include everything you need to keep your premises safe in winter weather. From domestic starter kits to comprehensive small business kits, these packages will help you keep areas clear of snow and ice, including driveways, car parks, roads, pathways and many other high traffic outdoor settings.

If you need more information on our range of winter maintenance tools and materials, or you would like guidance on which solution would best suit your requirements, please give us a call and speak to one of our expert advisers.

Winter preparation equipment
Salt bin in use
Salt spreader in use
Salt bin