Oxygen Cylinder Trolleys

420mm width, 400mm length

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Oxygen Cylinder Trolleys 420mm width, 400mm length

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This is the 1100mm height, 420mm width, 400mm length smallest oxygen cylinder trolley for carrying 1360 litre/48 cubic foot cylinders, cylinder diameter of 140mm.

This cylinder trolley is specifically designed for oxygen cylinders in accordance with BS2718 1979, ideal for hospital use. It is mounted on two 150mm anti-static rubber wheels, also fitted with front buffers on the base to protect equipment from damage.

The cylinder is designed to sit on a sheet steel base, cushioned with steel retaining straps and are secured with wing nut fixings to hold cylinder in place during transportation.



    Dimensions below are to the nearest half inch, metric units are exact

  • Capacity (kg): 100kg
  • Height: 43.5inches
  • Width (left-right): 17inches
  • Length (front-back): 16inches
  • Type: Cylinder and Drum Truck

Product information

Designed for hospital use, a range of cylinder trolleys to cope with 140mm, 175mm or 230mm diameter oxygen cylinders.

  • Cylinders rest on sheet steel base 
  • Cylinders secured by steel retaining straps with wing nut fixings
  • Front buffers on base to protect equipment from damage
  • Anti static rubber wheels
  • Powder coated finish
  • Overall height of all 3 options is 1100mm  

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