Lever Brake Mobile Safety Steps

We stock a range of lever brake mobile safety steps to help you remain safe and comfortable at any height, anywhere in your warehouse or storeroom. The lever brake system is the simplest and most robust mechanism available, requiring only a lever to be pulled for the entire unit to be completely immobilised.

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As well as the lever mechanism itself, a rugged all welded steel construction ensures that these steps are extraordinarily hard-wearing and suitable for a wide range of commercial and industrial tasks. The design conforms to industrial standards and is utilised across the world, giving you peace of mind.

On top of this, our mobile safety steps include a whole host of safety features as standard. Handrails surround both the steps and the platform - at a height of 914mm - enabling three point contact to be maintained throughout any manoeuvre. Both rubber covered and punched metal treads are available, minimising the chances of slips while giving you maximum flexibility. The 559 x 610mm platform provides ample room for most activities and this is surrounded on three sides by a kick plate to prevent a loss of footing.


Key features:

  • All welded steel construction.
  • Kick plate on 3 sides of platform.
  • Platform has 559mm width, 610mm depth.
  • 559mm wide steps, 229mm rise.
  • Hand lever locking mobilises/immobilises steps.
  • Rubber or punched metal treads.
  • Accessories available.


If you would like to find out any more about our safety steps, or need advice on which system would best suit your requirements, please give us a call and speak to one of our specialists.

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