Extra Deep Tread Aluminium Step Ladders

Our range of extra deep tread aluminium step ladders provide maximum safety and comfort over prolonged periods. Smaller treads afford you less support, increasing fatigue and therefore your risk while working at height. Our deep tread models are designed to ensure your comfort and stability for longer periods at a variety of different heights.

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As well as 125mm treads and an anti-slip platform, our deep tread step ladders feature an extra tall safety rail to deliver even greater security. On top of this, the light aluminium construction ensures that the unit is light and manoeuvrable without sacrificing strength; these steps are capable of holding up to 150kg (manufactured to EN131 standards, trade use and GS approved), which is equal to the capacity of our heavy duty warehouse steps.

A large tool tray with integrated bucket hooks is also included on top of the safety rail, ensuring that your tools and equipment remain accessible.


Key features:

  • 125mm deep treads for greater comfort and security.
  • Anti-slip platform.
  • Aluminium construction for strength and manoeuvrability.
  • Tall safety rail provides added security when working at height.
  • 150kg capacity - manufactured to EN131 standard, trade use and GS Approved.
  • Anti-slip foot caps.
  • Large tool tray with integrated bucket hooks.

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