Abru Telescopic Ladders

Our range of high quality Abru telescopic ladders provide absolute portability without sacrificing strength and durability. The practical telescopic mechanism and world leading patented design make this ladder an essential tool for working at height in a wide range of environments, both domestic and professional.

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These telescopic ladders are capable of supporting up to 150kg, which is equal to the capacity of our heavy duty warehouse steps, but can be compressed down to an incredible 78-84cm (depending on model) when not in use.

As well as being easy to store and manoeuvre, Abru telescopic ladders feature wide comfortable treads and a unique system that enables ladder retraction in one action.

The super strong aluminium alloy frame is further coupled with an automatic locking mechanism to minimise your risk when working at height.


Key features:

  • 150kg load capacity.
  • Easily portable with telescopic retraction.
  • Features Autosteps, enabling ladder retraction in one action.
  • Wide comfortable treads.
  • Automatic locking function.
  • World leading patented design.

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