Supershelf Shoebox Storage Bays

3430mm height, 1200mm width, 320mm depth, 7 shelf levels

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Supershelf Shoebox Storage Bays 3430mm height, 1200mm width, 320mm depth, 7 shelf levels  Starter bay

Starter bay

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Supershelf Shoebox Storage Bays 3430mm height, 1200mm width, 320mm depth, 7 shelf levels  Add on bay

Add on bay

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This is the 3430mm high x 1200mm wide x 320mm deep, Supershelf galvanised steel adjustable shoebox shelving bay with 7 shelf levels. This is available as both a starter or add-on bay - the starter bay includes 2 vertical frames whereas the add-on bay includes only 1 as it will join onto an existing frame.

The 320mm depth is popular for most sizes of shoebox, storing a single box deep.

This system comes with a two year warranty.



    Dimensions below are to the nearest half inch, metric units are exact

  • Height: 135.5inches
  • Width (left-right): 47.5inches
  • Depth (front-back): 13inches
  • Material: Steel
  • Levels: 7 shelves
  • UDL per shelf: 205kg

Product information

These Supershelf bays have been specially designed to store shoe boxes, perfectly placed in retail stockrooms. Due to their sturdy steel structure and easily adjustable shelving units, these units will ensure that your shoe boxes fit neatly into shelving bays to maximise storage space in your stockroom by eliminating wasteful gaps.

Supershelf shoebox storage bays are astoundingly versatile and can be configured to suit boxes of almost any size. A huge range of heights, widths and depths are available, as well as the choice of 4 to 7 shelf levels - all adjustable in 33mm increments.

What’s more, Supershelf shoebox storage bays also feature completely bolt-free assembly to ensure a quick and stress-free installation process. As well as being easy to maintain due to their zinc-finish steel construction, these units are also strong and durable without looking or feeling too bulky.

To find out more about our shoebox storage bays, give us a call on 01908 525700. You’ll be put through to a friendly and helpful member of the Action Storage team, happy to help and advise in any way they can. 

We’re pleased to be able to deliver our products and services throughout the UK and overseas - offering reliable shipping.

Our Supershelf shoebox storage bays make a welcome addition to a range of different sectors, including:

Retail: Most popular in retail stockroom environments, these shoebox storage bays will provide a sturdy storage solution while giving staff members easy access to products. As a result, these bays are easy to maintain, ideal for housing a number of shoeboxes and able to help to streamline processes within the working environment - as shoeboxes can be found and retrieved immediately when needed

Education: Durable, safe and secure, these steel storage bays will suit educational establishments looking to house spare gym equipment or boxes filled with important documents

Industrial: Built for durability and versatility, these easily adjustable units are ideal for industrial warehouses and manufacturers storing goods before shipping

It goes without saying that our Supershelf shoebox storage bays are built to last - but we also provide a 2-year warranty on all Supershelf structures as standard. The warranty covers the workmanship of the shelving, along with any other damage that was not caused by exceeding the weight limit on the shelves or any other improper use.

To go one step further to ensure the longevity of your storage bays, have your shelving system inspected every 6 months for any signs of deterioration to ensure it remains fully functional in the long term.


Our Supershelf shoebox storage bays come in 2 depths - 320mm (the depth of a single shoebox) and 600mm (which will provide high-density double-depth shoebox storage).

These units are available in 4 different heights, the most popular options being 2500mm and 3028mm - but it’s worth noting that the right height will depend on the amount of vertical space available, the height of each shoebox and the desired configuration. If you’re at all unsure, pick up the phone and give us a call to chat through your unique requirements. 

There are also 4 different shelving levels to choose from, as well as 4 different widths, allowing you to choose as many as 7 shelves at 1800mm wide on which to store your shoeboxes. Made from a sturdy steel structure, some variations of our shelves can hold up to 350kg of weight - making them ideal for a vast range of industrial environments.

Please note: When determining the necessary dimensions of your area and shelving requirements, add 110mm to the overall width of the starter bay and 10mm to the overall width of each add-on bay.


Due to their time-saving, bolt-free assembly, Supershelf shoebox storage bays are easy to install, if you have the time and people power to take on this responsibility. If, however, you’d prefer a professional to install your new units, we can take care of that.

With over 30 years in the industry, we’re proud to employ a team of professional layout designers and installers who will work with you to create a detailed CAD layout for your particular environment. Once the layout design has undergone any necessary edits and been finalised, you’ll be in the capable hands of our dedicated installation team. From unloading your delivery at a time that suits you to securing the supplied goods with wall fixings where necessary, you can rest assured that your new shelving units will be expertly and professionally built.

Find out our mobile shelving design and installation service right here if this sounds better suited to your needs.

Chat with a member of the Action Storage team about the possibilities that come with our Supershelf shoebox storage bays by calling us on 01908 525700, or send any queries by email to today.

More information about 3430mm height, 1200mm width, 320mm depth, 7 shelf levels

Supershelf shelving is one of the most versatile shelving systems currently available, with a series of interchangeable and multi-purpose components that allow for each bay to be modified individually to support an endless range of applications.

Should you require unique dimensions or any other non-standard solutions, get in touch for more information on the options available. We can offer expert advice, as well as free site surveys and CAD layout design, with years of experience in delivering custom solutions to high-street shoe retailers.

Key features 

  • Standard bay heights: 2000mm, 2500mm, 3030mm, 3430mm
  • Standard bay depths (front to back): 320mm, 600mm
  • Standard bay widths (left to right): 900mm, 1200mm, 1500mm, 1800mm
  • Time-saving bolt-free assembly - the shelves just slot together, making them easy to assemble and alter if required
  • Shelves are easily adjustable in 33mm increments
  • Galvanised finish is attractive and easy to clean
  • Starter and add-on bays available

Find out more about our Supershelf shoebox storage bays or chat with a member of our team about your storage requirements before you place an order. Call us on 01908 525700 or email today.

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Do the shelving bays come assembled?

photo of Grace Manwaring

Not really. The end frames, i.e. the vertical upright supports are fully assembled. But you will have to clip the horizontal shelf beams into them - choosing exactly where you want the shelves to be and then lay the panels on top of the beams. It's very quick - check out the video (on the left).

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