Supershelf Shoebox Storage Bays

These Supershelf bays have been designed specifically for storing shoe boxes of approximately standard dimensions. Ensuring that your shoe boxes fit neatly into shelving bays will help maximise storage space in your stockroom by eliminating wasteful gaps. The most popular depths are 320mm, which is the depth of a single shoebox, or more commonly 600mm, which will provide high density double depth shoebox storage. All come with a two year warranty.

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The most popular heights are 2500mm and 3028mm, though the right height will depend on the amount of vertical space available, the height of each shoebox and the desired configuration - If you are unsure, please call to discuss your specific requirements.

Despite these standard options, the Supershelf shelving system is astoundingly versatile and can be configured to suit boxes of almost any size. A huge range of heights, widths and depths are available with anywhere from 4 to 8 shelf levels, all adjustable in 33mm increments.

Supershelf shelving also features a completely bolt free assembly, which ensures a quick and stress-free installation, and a simple to maintain zinc finish steel construction provides strength and durability without making the unit too bulky.


Key features:

  • Standard bay heights: 2000mm, 2500mm, 3030mm, 3430mm.
  • Standard bay depths (front to back): 320mm, 600mm.
  • Standard bay widths (left to right): 900mm, 1200mm, 1500mm, 1800mm.
  • Time-saving bolt-free assembly - just slots together.
  • Shelves are easily adjustable in 33mm increments.
  • Galvanised finish is attractive and easy to clean.
  • Starter and add-on bays available.

Our Supershelf systems are built to last, though just to be safe we have a two year warranty on them for you. The warranty covers the workmanship of the shelving alongside any damage that was not caused by exceeding the weight limit on the shelves nor from any other improper use. To ensure your mobile shelving system remains fully functional we strongly recommend that you have it inspected every six months for any signs of deterioration. 

Please call for more information on our Supershelf shoebox shelving, or to discuss the most appropriate solution for your particular space and requirements.


Please add 110mm for overall width of the starter bay and 10mm for overall width of each add-on bay.

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Dimensions below are to the nearest half inch, metric units are exact

Depth (front-back)


More information about Supershelf Shoebox Storage Bays

Supershelf shelving is one of the most versatile shelving systems currently available, with a series of interchangeable and multi-purpose components that can modify each bay individually to support an endless variety of applications.

Should you require different dimensions, or any other non-standard solution, then please give us a call. We can offer expert advice, as well as free site surveys and CAD layout design, and have plenty of experience delivering custom solutions to recognisable high street shoe retailers.



Video demonstrating how to assemble Supershelf adjustable steel shoebox shelving system.

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Do the shelving bays come assembled?

photo of Grace Manwaring

Not really. The end frames, i.e. the vertical upright supports are fully assembled. But you will have to clip the horizontal shelf beams into them - choosing exactly where you want the shelves to be and then lay the panels on top of the beams. It's very quick - check out the video (on the left).

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