Supershelf Archive Storage Bays

An attractive and robust range of archive shelving ideally suited for archive boxes of standard size and weight. These configurations of our highly regarded Supershelf galvanised steel shelving system are perfect for medical records, accounting records, legal files, school or university archives, and most other archiving contexts. All models come with a two year warranty.

Available with or without archive boxes.

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Our Supershelf archive shelving is designed for strength and durability and is remarkably well-constructed, with a maximum load of 2000kg per bay. An entirely bolt free assembly also ensures that installation is quick and easy, minimising disruption to your business or institution. In addition, zinc finish steel shelving is simple to maintain and does not collect dust and grime like chipboard alternatives, which ensures that your shelving will continue to look great long into the future.

If your archive relies on non-standard boxes, which differ considerably from 340w x 260h x 410d, please get in touch to be guided to a custom solution. With a choice of 3 heights and anywhere from 4-8 shelf levels, Supershelf shelving is one of the most versatile shelving systems available.


Key features:

  • Standard dimensions: 1800mm width x 500mm depth.
  • A range of heights to store anywhere from 30 to 60 archive boxes.
  • Each shelf level can support 300kg (UDL) with a maximum load per bay of 2000kg.
  • Galvanised finish is attractive and easy to clean.
  • Starter and add-on bays to reduce the cost of long runs.
  • Available with or without archive boxes.

Our Supershelf systems are built to last, though just to be safe we have a two year warranty on them for you. The warranty covers the workmanship of the shelving alongside any damage that was not caused by exceeding the weight limit on the shelves nor from any other improper use. To ensure your mobile shelving system remains fully functional we strongly recommend that you have it inspected every six months for any signs of deterioration. 

If you require any more information on our archive shelving, or you would like help choosing the right solution for your business, please give us a call and speak to one of our expert advisers.


Please add 110mm for overall width of the starter bay and 10mm for overall width of each add-on bay.

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Dimensions below are to the nearest half inch, metric units are exact

Width (left-right)

Depth (front-back)


UDL per shelf

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