Mistral Office Shelving Bays

The Mistral shelving system has been carefully designed to blend appearance with practicality. It is a high quality office shelving system at a very affordable cost.  The Mistral office range is available with either an open back for placement against walls and partitions or fully functional with shelving units available on both sides.

Key features:

  • Easy to assemble without the need for any nuts, bolts or special tools
  • Wide range of office shelving bays, doors, cradles and accessories
  • Dimensions: 1830mm high x 1000mm wide (left - right) x 350mm or 450mm deep (front - back)
  • 5, 6 or 7 shelf levels options
  • Starter and add-on bay option available
  • Bright white powder coated finish (RAL 9016)
  • Other dimensions and options are available-please contact us for details

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Dimensions below are to the nearest half inch, metric units are exact


Width (left-right)

Depth (front-back)


UDL per shelf

More information about Mistral Office Shelving Bays

Treated with Activecoat anti-bacterial powder coating for the most stringent hygienic environments.

Activecoat is a hardwearing, patented powder coating containing elemental Silver ionically bonded into a bio-compatible ceramic material known as Zeolite.  This impedes the growth of potentially harmful bacteria, fungi, mould and algae and more, reducing the risk of cross-contamination from surface to surface. Ideal where stringent hygiene standards are required or to stop the spread of common diseases in an office environment.


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