Retractable barriers

2.3 metres popular yellow post

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Retractable barriers 2.3 metres popular yellow post  Black & Yellow

Black & Yellow

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This is the popular cost effective yellow plastic barrier post with 2.3 metres long, black and yellow chevron webbing. The retractable webbing are printed with Tensabarrier branded colourways.

  • Base diam 354mm
  • Weight 8kg
  • Hard wearing case iron branded base
  • 4-way connectivity
  • Suitable for outdoor use, but should not be permanently placed outside


    Dimensions below are to the nearest half inch, metric units are exact

  • Type: Free-standing post
  • Web Length: 2.3M

Product information

We can offer everything from a single Post Top Sign to chevron safety barriers to cordon off areas for outdoor events or as a temporary retractable safety barrier. Our Tensa Barrier Wall Mounted units can be fixed to walls or racks to save space. Bases available in economy plastic base, portable rolling base, heavy duty ballast filled bases or large footprint, weather resistant options.

Safety barriers and queue barriers have been commonly used at events where there is a large attendance of people. For venues which are consistently popular and receive a high turnout, queue management systems may need to be put in place to maintain order and a fair organisation of people. By using queue management systems, people can wait in line until they are allowed in. This is also true of other popular events, such as music venues, theatres or cinemas. In these places, queue management can prove invaluable, and barriers are simple and effective to set up.

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