Queue Barrier Posts

Queue belt barriers are a simple and cost-effective way to manage the flow of people. Whether you are looking to guide customers to a checkout, or to limit access to restricted or hazardous areas, retractable barriers provide effective crowd control to a wide range of industries. Our comprehensive selection of barrier posts are manufactured by the market leader Tensator to ensure that you receive the highest quality available.

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With a choice of colours, including a chevron safety pattern, and double or single belt options, our classic indoor retractable barriers are suitable for queue management, cordoning off restricted spaces and a variety of other general crowd management applications.

For outdoor events or confining temporary work areas, our range of outdoor barriers feature a wider detachable base and weather resistant plastic posts. We also supply a barrier system that can be mounted to existing traffic cones - a practical but cost-effective solution for road works.

If you require a more permanent solution and would like to conserve floor space, wall mounted barriers are an especially practical and elegant way to temporarily restrict access to certain parts of your premises.

Webbing can also be branded with your logo and is available in custom colours and heights – please get in touch for more details.

If you need more information on any of our retractable barriers, please give us a call and speak to one of our expert advisers.

Queue Barrier Posts
Queue Barrier Posts
Queue Barrier Posts
Queue Barrier Posts
Queue Barrier Posts

More information about Queue Barrier Posts

Safety barriers and queue barriers are used in a variety of situations to serve a number of purposes, such as:


Hazard Protection

It is common for barriers to be placed around potentially hazardous spots, such as damaged equipment or wet floors, while they are waiting to be attended to. In this scenario, safety barriers and queue barriers can prove essential, serving as a clear visual indicator and physically restricting people from approaching a hazard.


Forming Queues

Safety barriers and queue barriers can also be used to help form orderly queues in areas where crowds tend to form, such as outside nightclubs or inside banks and restaurants. Galleries and other exhibitions sometimes use barriers to keep viewers a short distance from the valuable display items.


Crowd Control

Retractable barriers are commonly used at events where there is a large attendance of people, such as musical performances or political appearances. Effective crowd management improves the safety of both performers and audiences.