Colour small part storage

Our range of Treston storage bins and associated storage bin cabinets, turn table systems and high density storage cabinets are all you need for a super efficient small parts storage system.

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Each of the bins is available in dark grey, red, blue or crystal clear transparent polystyrene, the unique ridged base provides added strength and helps staff pick up small, flat or awkward items.

Storage bin cabinets provide a flexible small parts storage system at an affordable price.  The cabinets are constructed from steel with a conductive carbon epoxy powder coat, and can be stacked, wall mounted or combined with a spacemiser turntable.

For more heavy duty uses, the high density storage cabinets are a truly impressive piece of kit.  The solid bodies have ridged side walls for added strength and can be mounted on castors - perfect for small workshops & production areas.

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Small parts can be difficult to keep organised. They are easily mixed and will become a mess if left unattended to. We understand that good organisational skills can keep an environment neat amd tidy. Our range of colour coded small parts storage bins are ideal for keeping items in a well-structured, well-arranged system.

Organisation is essential in busy working environments as too much clutter or poor arrangement can cause confusion and frustration. Our small colour bin cabinets are available in various colours and sizes. They are ideal for workshop, production, storage and service areas; Screws, nuts, bolts, nails, hand-size tools and countless other items can be stored neatly in our small parts storage bins.

Small storage container bins can revolutionise your storage, they give easy access and safe protection to small components, parts and tools when you need them - no fuss, no bother. Our small storage containers are supplied with index labels to aid organisation and easy location - simply use codes or descriptions to identify the contents of your small storage containers.


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