Parking and Safety

Our parking and vehicle safety products are designed to help keep car parks, private driveways, loading bays and other industrial areas safe and secure. A selection of speed bumps, heavy cable protectors, kerb ramps, parking posts and safety mirrors should make manoeuvring vehicles safely on your premises a great deal easier.

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Speed bumps can cause damage to vehicles that exceed set limits, discouraging speeding in pedestrian areas and reducing the risk of collisions and injury. We stock both 5mph and 10mph speed bump sections that can be assembled to fit almost any gap or road section, as well as a fixed length 10mph speed bump for quick installation - perfect for car parks and other low speed residential or industrial areas.

Cable protectors prevent wiring from being damaged by vehicles and pedestrians. Keeping wires tidy also decreases the likelihood of trips in busy thoroughfares. Protecting cables is particularly useful in temporary work and maintenance areas where there is plenty of passing traffic. For heavy duty applications, our cable ramps provide the greatest possible protection – capable of containing multiple wires and withstanding weights up to an incredible 6000kg.

We also supply a range of parking posts, which are a simple and cost-effective method to restrict access to parking areas, including private parking spaces. Posts can be positioned to block certain spaces and then unlocked and folded away or removed to allow authorised parking.

Finally, our comprehensive range of safety and security mirrors can improve visibility in a variety of settings. Whether for use by drivers and pedestrians in busy car parks, or forklift drivers in warehouses and unloading bays, installing safety mirrors is an easy way to ensure that vehicles are more clearly visible, decreasing the chances of an accident on your premises.

For any more information on our vehicle safety products, or for advice on your specific set of requirements, please get in touch and speak to one of our specialist advisers.

Parking and Safety