Personnel Lockers

These lockers provide alternatives to usual locker formats. From lockers offering storage for both clean and dirty apparel and full height twin lockers, to staff and duo lockers that provide multiple storage compartments within the locker for each individual. Ideal for separating soiled or outdoor garments from workwear.

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There are some jobs that require the use of specific or bulky uniforms that need to be kept separate from day clothes.  This range of lockers are widely used by Firefighters, Police, Nurses, those involved in the food manfacturing and food processing industry and many other professions. 

Large Crew Lockers designed for separating workwear from day wear or to accomodate uniforms that take up a lot of space. Alternatively select space saving Twin or Two Person lockers providing double the capacity for very little extra floor space. The Police Locker featured is large enough to accomodate body armour.

All the lockers are powder coated with anti microbial paint. There are a range of colours and locking options to suit all needs. If there is something you require which we do not show here then please call us to discuss your requirements. 

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Key features:

  • All lockers are 1800mm high
  • Powder coated with Germ Guard Active Technology paint
  • Strengthed and ventilated doors with rubber buffers

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