Garment Collector & Dispenser Lockers

A range of garment lockers specially designed for the distribution of laundered workwear. The idea is that all the compartments can be opened simultaneously to replenish work wear or uniforms and each compartment is individually accessible to the user to access a clean garment. Sloping tops, numbering systems and benches are also available if required - please call us for more details.

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We offer workwear lockers which have 5 tiers, 10 tiers and 15 tiers. As well as providing premium workwear lockers, we can also provide collection garment lockers for dirty or soiled garments. Our collection garment lockers have a single point locking door and are supplied with a master key.

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Dimensions below are to the nearest half inch, metric units are exact


Width (left-right)

Depth (front-back)


Door quantity

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