Cube Steel Lockers

Our range of high-quality cube steel lockers are a hard-wearing, safe and vibrant storage option for a variety of business areas that require a top security solution in smaller, confined spaces.

As a result, these cube steel lockers are ideal for junior schools, primary schools and other areas where eye-catching storage solutions are not only necessary, but key. These lockers are ideally sized to house small items within, as well as being easy to stack and perfect for creating tidy, space-saving nest structures that allow them to fit into a variety of awkward spaces.

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Our range of cube steel lockers are extremely versatile, and can provide an effective storage solution in a variety of sectors, including:

  • Retail: Keeping your staff members’ personal belongings safe and secure in small retail tea rooms or office-type spaces has never been easier thanks to the ability for these lockers to be stacked to fit virtually any space
  • Hospitality: Similarly, in hotel staff rooms where personal belongings are stored away, these lockers act as a sturdy and effective security measure
  • Education: Cube steel lockers are an ideal option if you’re looking to inject some colour and personality into your school, all while ensuring that students’ belongings are kept safe and secure in the corridors

Each sturdy cube steel locker also features an ACTIVECOAT antibacterial powder coating, which prevents the growth of potentially harmful bacteria. This makes this type of locker ideal for hygiene-sensitive environments such as the education sector, where children and young people will come into regular contact with onsite lockers.

At Action Storage, we not only supply our customers with durable, high-quality lockers, but are also able to design unique layouts primed for storing your new lockers and finish the job with professional installation on delivery (should you request this service).

This complete professional services takes the hassle out of installing your new lockers yourself  and, with over 3 decades of experience in the industry, you can rest assured that your lockers will be built and installed to the highest possible standards.

For more information about our locker design and installation services, don’t hesitate to get in touch on 01908 525700 to speak to a member of our friendly and knowledgeable team. Alternatively, to submit an enquiry, you can simply complete the form on our Contact page and we’ll be in touch to discuss your needs further.


Cube steel lockers are colourful, easy to use and secure - but with so many different sizes and colours to choose from, they’re also extremely easy to customise and can be adapted to suit a variety of different spaces due to their compact size.

Cube steel lockers are available in 3 widths and depths (305mm, 380mm or 460mm), and in a choice of 3 heights (305mm, 380mm and 460mm). Made from sturdy steel in 5 different colour options (blue, green, red, silver and yellow), you can personalise your own nest of lockers by mixing and matching different sizes and colours to suit you - resulting in combination options galore.

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More information about Cube Steel Lockers

Key features:

  • Light grey body with a choice of 5 door colours
  • Available in 3 different sizes
  • Supplied with key lock / cam lock as standard, but other lock options are available - get in touch for more details
  • Easy to move and relocate
  • Protected with ACTIVECOAT antibacterial powder coating

To find out more about our cube steel lockers or chat with a member of our team about your storage requirements before you place an order, call us on 01908 525700 or email today.


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