Atlas Steel Lockers

Atlas steel lockers are the ultimate solution when it comes to versatile, durable personal storage - whatever your sector. Designed to tackle the shortcomings of other budget steel lockers, our Atlas lockers include a number of innovative features which work together to provide outstanding security and toughness - all at an affordable price and three year warranty. Thanks to their exceptionally low cost, these metal lockers mean that, regardless of where they’re being installed, security no longer has to be expensive.

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Unlike other budget lockers, every door has a full height reinforcement bar and metal corner stiffeners. As well as delivering unparalleled strength and rigidity, this also prevents the doors from being easily bent or otherwise compromised - meaning you can count on these lockers to offer secure and reliable storage in the long term. Better yet, sitting behind each door is an internal four-way frame that prevents the doors from being pushed inwards - delivering increased security while helping to prevent vandalism.

As well as being super-strong, a sleek, modern design and a choice of striking door colour options mean these metal lockers are able to visually enhance any kind of environment - from schools and offices to gyms and many more. While our 1800m high metal lockers are available in red, blue or grey, our NEW 943mm and 1372mm lockers can be bought in red, green, blue or yellow - giving our customers the freedom to personalise each metal locker for their unique needs.

These multi-purpose, low-cost security lockers are available in 3 heights, 2 widths and 2 popular depths - and can be supplied with key locks, padlockable swivel catches or combination locks to ensure that your specific storage needs are met - and you can browse our collection of individual steel lockers to find the option that’s best suited to you. What’s more, to help you stay organised, each door has a moulded inset section for number plates (58mm x 28mm) - and accessories like stands and sloping tops are also available.

Quick and stress-free installation is made possible by pre-drilled nesting holes, meaning there’s minimum fuss or exertion required and you can be using your steel storage lockers in no time! The lockers are also easily maintained, featuring a unique quick-change door system, using a locating pin - which means damaged doors can be changed with nothing more than a soft mallet. An antibacterial paint finish also helps to keep the lockers hygienic, and all models except for the 6-door have louvered doors for ventilation.

Our Atlas steel lockers are kept in stock at our centrally located warehouse, enabling next day dispatch and speedy delivery across the UK.

Key features:

  • All-steel construction, with reinforced doors and a tough, powder-coated finish
  • Paint finish comes with antibacterial properties, bringing welcome hygiene benefits
  • A wide range of dimensions and colours are available
  • In stock and available for immediate delivery at incredible prices

Whether you’re looking for 2 or 4-door lockers for your storage needs, at Action Storage, we’ve got the solution for you.

Atlas Steel Lockers come with a comprehensive three year warranty that covers the workmanship of the locker and anything deemed more severe than fair wear and tear. Accidental damage is not included but remember, it’s easy to fit new doors if necessary. Locks have a separate warranty of two years.

If you need any more information on our Atlas steel locker range, or you would like some advice on the best locker solution for your needs, give us a call to speak to one of our expert advisers!

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More information about Atlas Steel Lockers

Atlas Lockers are the new locker range from Action Storage, offering steel lockers directly from stock at unbelievably low prices.

The lockers are supplied with an anti-bacterial paint finish, Grey Carcass (RAL 7035) and a choice of door colours:

  • Blue doors (RAL 5017)
  • Red doors (RAL 3020)
  • Light grey doors (RAL 7035) - 1800mm high only
  • Green doors (RAL6005) - 943mm and 1372mm high only
  • Yellow doors (RAL 1003) - 943mm and 1372mm high only

Available in 1, 2, 3, 4 or 6 door versions.

Available with either a key/cam lock or a swivel catch.

The Atlas locker is not an economy locker; it is super strong and durable with a reinforced internal 4 way frame. The doors have full height reinforcements and corners stiffeners for added strength & rigidty.

Screw together construction means there are no weak points between the riveted sections.

All lockers supplied with fixing holes, to secure to each other or the wall.

3000 differ Keys, exceeds 2000 differs offered on traditional lockers.  

Keys are also cut on both sides increasing their strength.

Doors can be removed from unlocked lockers, making it easy to replace dented and scratched doors.

Each door has a moulded inset section for number plates (60mm x 30mm).



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Reviews for Atlas Steel Lockers
4.9 out of 5 , based on 8 ratings.

2 years ago

The quotation was very quick, and we were kept in the loop and updated at every step. We ran into a problem at installation, but the team were fantastic - they changed the plan on the spot and were very accommodating. Very approachable guys and great problem solvers.
Reviewed by Sam King, Waterhall Primary School

2 years ago

Our order was checked, checked and checked again to ensure that the lockers meet the needs for the school.
Reviewed by Carl Glasgow

2 years ago

We are pleased with the uniformity and organisation they bring to the school.
Reviewed by Matthew Dampier, Headteacher at Droxford Junior School

2 years ago

Very smart looking lockers. The swivel catch handle is easy to turn for the young children.
Reviewed by Natalie Clarke, Pepperhill School

3 years ago

Great customer response and support.
Reviewed by Gary Kelly from Chipping Norton School

3 years ago

Thank you for all you help and assistance with the lockers that were installed yesterday. They look amazing.
Reviewed by Jacki Dunthorne

3 years ago

Rapid delivery well within the time period stated. Good quality considering the cost.
Reviewed by Philip Nye

3 years ago

Quick delivery and product was as described. Solid construction and ideal for our needs.
Reviewed by Chris Waterhouse

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My School has just failed a fire inspection as we have coats hanging in the corridors. We need to replace this with suitable lockers. Are these lockers fireproof?

photo of Grace Manwaring

They are not actually fireproof. But being a steel locker they are more than suitable for this and will pass the fire inspection.

Do Atlas lockers come in any other colours or sizes?

photo of Grace Manwaring

Yes & no. We stock only the sizes & colours you see on our website. However, we can produce lockers in almost any colour and size you want. For this to be cost effective you need to be ordering at least 50 lockers and the lead time is around 12 weeks.

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