Lift Tables and Pallet Trucks

We offer a superb range of pallet trucks and lift tables, ideal for warehouses, agricultural environments and any other industrial setting that utilises pallets. Pallet trucks and lift tables can greatly improve your productivity as well as reduce your reliance on costly forklift trucks. If you are a small to medium sized business, without regular access to a forklift truck, pallet trucks and lift tables can also help you contend with larger competitors by increasing efficiency and maximising storage space.

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Our pallet trucks and lift tables are an indispensable tool for everyday pallet tasks, allowing loads of up to 2500kg to be moved quickly and easily by any member of staff. We provide both manual and electric models to help you find the right solution for your workplace. Electric models are supplied with a built-in charger and heavy duty battery for 6 to 8 hour operation. We also offer specialised models such as mini hand pallet trucks, perfect for small lorry and van loads, and weighing pallet trucks to help you keep track of stock.

Lift stackers are a step up from standard pallet trucks, enabling you to lift pallets up to a height of 3 metres as well as manoeuvre them. Many of our stackers are available with straddle legs and adjustable forks which are usable with a variety of pallets, including open boarded and closed boarded types. Unlike pallet trucks, lift stackers provide an incredibly efficient and economical means to load and unload heavy pallets from vans and lorries.

For a simple and extremely cost-effective method of moving heavy loads, explore our range of mobile scissor lift tables. These affordable units are capable of lifting up to an incredible 1500kg with a foot pump mechanism. The relatively light-weight and compact construction of scissor lift tables makes them exceptionally versatile and manoeuvrable, even in tight spaces.

Please do not hesitate to give us a call if you require any more information on our pallet conveyance equipment, or if you would like specific advice on which unit would best suit your requirements.

Lift Tables and Pallet Trucks
Lift Tables and Pallet Trucks

More information about Lift Tables and Pallet Trucks

Pallet trucks are used in a number of industrial environments such as factories, warehouses and large retail units. They offer many advantages: increasing handling efficiency and warehouse productivity, reducing forklift costs, and improving your health and safety standing by ensuring that the correct equipment is used to lift heavy loads.

Many businesses use lifters and stackers to handle heavy loads at otherwise inaccessible heights. For warehouses and factories that have tall shelving units or stacked pallets, lifters can make placing or retrieving products much easier and safer. Our lifters and stackers are available in a wide selection of styles, all fully guaranteed for 12 to 14 months.