Changing room equipment

We offer a fantastic range of changing room equipment, including a variety of coat rails, benches, shoe racks and changing room units. Years of experience working with schools, gyms, leisure centres, public services and more have helped us to better understand the priorities in constructing an effective and attractive changing room, and you can find here a collection of the products that have worked for businesses and institutions time and again.

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From corrosion free plastic to hard-wearing timber, a choice of designs, colours and materials give you the flexibility needed to craft your own unique environment, while the superior build quality provides the toughness and durability required to handle regular use in the most challenging environments.

Whether you are looking for a double sided cloakroom unit, capable of holding a complete set of workwear, or a simple coat rail, to keep bags and coats away from the classroom, we offer a whole range of appealing and affordable options.

If you need more information on any of our changing room products, or you would like advice tailored to your specific requirements, please give us a call and speak to one of our specialist advisers.

Changing room equipment

More information about Changing room equipment

A changing room is a vital part of many businesses and institutions; often serving as the space in which pupils or staff prepare for the day, or as a first impression on customers in gyms and other leisure facilities, it is important that a changing room is functional and makes a positive visual impact.

As well as being an important space in which to acclimatise and socialise, the right changing room can also help to improve the health and safety of your staff or students. Storing personal belongings in a dedicated storage area can keep corridors and other spaces clear, which can lead to quicker evacuation in the case of fire. Plastic cloakroom furniture is also incredibly easy to clean and maintain and can therefore slow the spread of illness, reducing absenteeism, which is particularly useful in hospital, food preparation and other hygiene sensitive environments.