Waste, Bins & Recycling

Our wide range of litter and recycling bins includes bins suitable for every location in your school, whether you require practical high capacity bins for your kitchens or eye-catching bins for your playground. Ensuring that there is an easily accessible bin in each area of your school can encourage pupils to keep spaces tidy and increase the efficiency of cleaning tasks.


We offer wheelie bins up to a massive 1100 litre capacity in a variety of different colours, which enables you to differentiate between types of waste and recycling. Our wheelie bins are also available with confidential or bottle disposal lids.

Our playground bins incorporate a number of colourful, practical and innovative outdoor options to help encourage better waste disposal practices among your pupils.

If you need any more information on our products, or you would like some assistance in choosing the right waste disposal solution for your school or college, please give us a call and speak to one of our specialist advisers.

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Image for Wheelie Bins

Wheelie Bins

Strong and sturdy wheelie bins in a range of colours and sizes. Our range of different coloured wheelie bins can be used to differentiate between types of waste or for recycling.


from £22.00 £26.40 inc VAT
Image for Classroom Bins

Classroom Bins

Range of classic bins for classrooms and school offices. 

from £119.68 £143.62 inc VAT
Image for Playground Bins

Playground Bins

Range of colourful, innovative and traditional waste & recycling bins perfect for school playgrounds.

from £22.88 £27.46 inc VAT
Image for Kitchen & Cafeteria Bins

Kitchen & Cafeteria Bins

Range of waste bins for use in school cafeterias or kitchen areas.  Available in many colours, shapes and attractive finishes.