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We stock a wide variety of shelving systems that are perfect for educational establishments. Whether you are looking for attractive classroom shelving, office and archive shelving, or heavy duty storeroom shelving, we can offer a range of suitable shelving solutions for any application.


All of our shelving systems are available in a variety of different sizes and are incredibly easy to install, giving you the maximum possible storage capacity with the minimum of disruption. More importantly, our shelving is built to last, which is why we are trusted by some of the most recognisable brands and institutions across the globe.

Our Supershelf product range in particular offers exceptional durability, endless versatility and is especially popular for general storeroom and archive storage. Supershelf shelving is also held in stock at our centrally located warehouse, ensuring speedy delivery across the UK.

We also supply an extensive collection of antibacterial and corrosion resistant shelving systems suitable for school kitchens and other environments where hygiene is paramount.

Some of our shelving systems, including the Supershelf system, come in Starter and Add-on bays. A Starter bay has 2 upright sections whereas an Add-on bay has only 1 and is designed to attach to the upright of the previous section. Please take care when ordering to make sure you have the correct number of starter bays.

If you would like to discuss any of our products in more detail, or need advice on which shelving system would best suit your requirements, please give us a call and speak to one of our expert advisers.

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from £117.92 £141.50 inc VAT
Image for Archive shelving

Archive shelving

Adjustable steel archive box shelving perfect for storing pupil records, history, coursework and all other school documentation - available with or without carboard archive boxes.

from £56.32 £67.58 inc VAT
Image for Office & classroom shelving

Office & classroom shelving

Attractive display shelving systems for classrooms, school offices and libraries.  Both wall mounted and free standing.  Easily adjustable for changing storage and display needs.

from £36.96 £44.35 inc VAT
Image for Storeroom shelving

Storeroom shelving

Tough and practical shelving ideal for use in school storerooms, the adjustability of the supershelf range in particular makes it a very flexible solution for all sorts of storage including janitorial, sports and science equipment.

from £53.68 £64.42 inc VAT
Image for Kitchen shelving

Kitchen shelving

Hygenic shelving systems designed for professional catering environments perfect for school kitchens and canteens.  From light duty shelving for dry goods through to heavy duty freezer shelving for cold rooms.

from £66.00 £79.20 inc VAT
Image for Supershelf Shelving Bays

Supershelf Shelving Bays

The multi-purpose galvanized shelving is available in a wide range of dimensions to suit your space and can hold up to 500kg per shelf.

from £151.36 £181.63 inc VAT
Image for EkoFit Hygienic Shelving

EkoFit Hygienic Shelving

With an anodised aluminum frame and easy clean shelving slats, EkoFit shelving is ideal for hygiene sensitive areas.

from £22.00 £26.40 inc VAT
Image for Waste & Recycling Bins

Waste & Recycling Bins

Our waste and recycling bins incorporate the practical and the playful to encourage best waste practices in businesses, schools and other institutions.

from £44.88 £53.86 inc VAT
Image for Cycle Shelters & Racks

Cycle Shelters & Racks

We offer a range of cycle shelters, cycle racks and cycle stands, providing a secure, cost-effective and elegant bike storage solution for any location.