Outdoor & Vandal Proof Lockers

Our eXtreme plastic lockers offer a vast improvement over conventional metal school lockers. The hard wearing polyethylene construction means that these lockers can be placed outside in playgrounds or school yards saving important classroom and corridor space.


These lockers were designed to endure the harshest environments which makes them a perfect choice for all schools & colleges.  The super tough plastic won't dent or rust - ever! Our super strong door hinge can withstand 3200 Newtons (327Kg, 720lb) of force.

When the lockers get dirty, you can simply wash them down - these lockers can handle most commercial cleaning products and can even be pressure washed; drain holes will allow any water inside the lockers to easily escape.

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£ 37.84

£ 45.41 inc VAT

Outdoor & vandal proof lockers
Plastic vandal proof lockers outside in California school
Extreme plastic school lockers under shelter
Plastic student lockers outside

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