In spite of everything we hope they’ll learn in class, many of the most memorable school moments take place in the playground. Our selection of playground products therefore brings together the playful and the practical to help you craft an environment worth making memories in.


Our colourful benches and furniture can provide a fun and comfortable place to socialise in, our display and noticeboards can encourage them to get involved and make the most of everything on offer, and our light-hearted litter bins can keep the space clean for future generations.

As well as our attractive playground furniture, we also provide a range of products to help you prepare your school for winter, including salt and grit storage units and dispensers. Winter preparation equipment can keep roads and walkways clear, reducing the risk of slips and trips.

If you would like any more information on our playground products, or you need advice on the most suitable solution for your school or college, please give us a call and speak to one of our expert advisers.

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Image for Benches & Furniture

Benches & Furniture

Outdoor seating, benches and tables ideal for use in nurseries, schools, colleges and playgrounds.  Designed to be tough & durable, in a variety of attractive colours.

from £117.04 £140.45 inc VAT
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Displays & Notices

Selection of notice boards and display cases, perfect for school notices - both inside and outside.  Available in a range of colours, shapes and formats.

from £22.88 £27.46 inc VAT
Image for Outdoor Litter and Recycling Bins

Outdoor Litter and Recycling Bins

We offer a wide range of outdoor school litter bins perfect for every playground.  From fun colourful pencil bins and mushroom bins to heavy duty waste disposal.

from £13.94 £16.73 inc VAT
Image for Winter Preparation

Winter Preparation

Don't let your school get caught out.  Keep your playground areas safe this winter by investing in our winter preparation kits.