We offer a wide range of storage solutions handpicked for schools, colleges and educational establishments. From simple and economical classroom, office and stationery cupboards through to elegant and forward-thinking laptop and tablet storage units, ultra-secure safes and hazardous materials cabinets. We can provide the right storage solution, whatever your requirements.


Over 20 years’ experience working with the education sector has taught us that schools and colleges have diverse needs and an unconventional set of requirements. Our storage products are therefore available in an array of sizes and colours so that you find the perfect match for your particular institution.

If you’re looking for an economical way to keep your classroom tidy, the Atlas steel cupboard is one of the most affordable classroom or stationery cupboards on the market. A tough, durable construction and 3 point espagnolette lock can keep stored items safely out of reach, while an antibacterial powder coating helps keep your classroom clean and germ free.

Our range of safes and security cabinets include fire resistant models to better protect vital documents and computer media.

If you would like to discuss any of our products in more detail, or need advice on the various forms of storage on offer, please give us a call and speak to one of our expert advisers.

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Atlas Steel Cupboard
School Laptop Charging Trolleys
Mini Vault Safes
COSSH Cupboards

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from £104.45 £125.34 inc VAT
Image for Classroom & stationery cupboards

Classroom & stationery cupboards

Selection of hardwearing and cheap metal cupboards with anti bacterial paint, perfect for schools and classrooms.

from £170.00 £204.00 inc VAT
Image for Laptop & tablet storage

Laptop & tablet storage

Modern range of trolleys and lockers designed for storing between 8 and 32 laptops or tablets - most of the items are available with or without charging facilities.

from £96.80 £116.16 inc VAT
Image for Hazardous materials storage

Hazardous materials storage

Wide range of hazardous storage cabinets and cupboards for all manner of products - different colours available for easy identification and compliance with COSHH regulations.

from £73.04 £87.65 inc VAT
Image for Safes & security

Safes & security

Range of essential safes & security cabinets perfect for school and educational establishments.  Securely store paper documents including exam papers, data and other valuable items.

from £108.30 £129.96 inc VAT
Image for Atlas Cupboards

Atlas Cupboards

Made to the same unbeatable Atlas standard, there are a range of cupboard sizes suitable for any office space.

from £113.52 £136.22 inc VAT
Image for First Aid Cupboards

First Aid Cupboards

Manufactured from high quality steel, our range of First Aid Cupboards can suit a multitude of different specifications.

from £188.30 £225.96 inc VAT
Image for Utility Cupboards

Utility Cupboards

Utility cupboards feature a variety of compartments to store anything from stationery to cleaning products.

from £22.88 £27.46 inc VAT
Image for Key Storage

Key Storage

Effective for providing key management or safeguarding guests’ lost keys, these key storage systems are available in several sizes.