Steps & Ladders

We offer a wide range of steps and ladders to accompany our storage solutions, affording you stress-free access to your goods in any environment. Our step stools and budget folding steps provide a simple and economical means to access those just out of reach items, while our folding ladders and mobile safety steps help you to remain safe and comfortable at any height.


A lightweight but durable ladder or set of steps will make all stockroom and storage tasks much easier by allowing effortless access to your stored goods. More importantly, steps and ladders can help minimise the risks associated with working at height as well as ensure that you are working in line with health and safety regulations.

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£ 22.00

£ 26.40 inc VAT

Steps & Ladders

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from £22.88 £27.46 inc VAT
Image for Step Stools

Step Stools

The rolling step stools are perfect for providing safe access to shelving and cupboards.

from £22.00 £26.40 inc VAT
Image for Budget Folding Steps

Budget Folding Steps

Folding steps are the perfect mobile solution for safe access to shelving and stock.  They have a safety grip handle and anti-slip treads.

from £60.72 £72.86 inc VAT
Image for Light Weight Folding Ladders

Light Weight Folding Ladders

Range of folding step ladders to provide access to shelving and stock.  Heights between 350mm and 3260mm, available in metal and non-conductive fibreglass.

from £124.08 £148.90 inc VAT
Image for Mobile Safety Steps

Mobile Safety Steps

Mobile safety steps are the safest option for access to high shelving and stock with a hand rail and wheels.