eXtreme Plastic Lockers

Tougher-than-tough, these durable lockers are built to last with a 7-year warranty and superior security features.


Our eXtreme plastic lockers offer a vast improvement over conventional metal lockers.  They are robust, highly vandal resistant, durable and hygienic.

The lockers are constructed from hard wearing polyethylene, providing unbeatable weather resistance making them suitable for outdoor use in all weather conditions / climates without fear of rust or corrosion.

Drain holes are located at the bottom of each locker to allow for simple hygenic washdowns with a high pressure hose.

We developed these lockers in house to combat some failings with traditional lockers.  The doors have a maximum opening angle of 90 degrees enabling adjacent lockers to be accessed without obstruction.  In order for this to be effective we have added a super strong plastic hinge - they can withstand 3200 Newtons (327Kg, 720lb) of force, as independently verified by the Furniture Industry Research Association (FIRA).

Each locker has a base size of 320mm from left to right and 460mm front to back, with three heights available: 450mm, 600mm and 900mm.  As standard, our lockers are supplied with grey bodies and a choice of red, blue, green or yellow doors.  The doors can be fitted with a variety of lock options including: key lock, swivel catch (suitable for use with a padlock) and coin return.  Other more advanced lock options are available upon request.

The eXtreme range is modular; each unit has a profiled top and corresponding recessed base, allowing the lockers to be easily stacked and combined with a range of accessories including sloping tops.  Whilst the lockers are not pre-drilled for fixing they are manufactured with specially marked fixing points enabling the lockers to be securely fastened together using the corrosion resistant nuts & bolts supplied.

All lockers are fully recyclable.

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Vandal Resistant Lockers outside
Vandal Resistant Lockers used by the RNLI at the seaside
Vandal Resistant Lockers custom colour range
Vandal Resistant Lockers outside with a shelter

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