Garment Racking

Our Supershelf garment hanging systems are an ideal solution for both retail stockrooms and display purposes. We provide three forms of hanging frames in a variety of different sizes to ensure that you find the perfect solution, whether you’re looking for eye-catching display frames to place against the wall, double-sided frames to provide maximum stock density in open stockroom areas, frames that enclose garments for greater protection, or any other application.

We also stock a range of smooth and sturdy garment rails, perfect for temporary storage areas and retail changing rooms.


Our Supershelf hanging frames are strong and durable, capable of supporting loads of up to 90kg on 1200mm wide bays, but also provide incredible flexibility: single-sided, double-sided or central hanging options, a range of different sizes, 2 or 3 tier hanging levels and an oval shaped beam compatible with most types of hangers. On top of all this, the modularity of the units allows shelves and containers to be installed in the same frame, giving you a comprehensive clothes storage system.


Available in a range of options:

  • Single Sided - ideal for use against walls.
  • Double Sided - to maximize hanging space in open areas/aisles etc.
  • Central Hanging - for storage of garments within the perimeter of the shelving framework.
  • All hanging garment racks can be fitted with normal flat shelves and modular containers to provide a comprehensive clothes storage system.
  • Special oval beams designed to suit most hangers
  • Can support up to 90 Kg on a single beam.


Standard storage units offered online are:

  • 900mm and 1200mm wide.
  • 2000mm to 3000mm high.
  • 2 or 3 tier garment hanging.


If you would like any more information on our garment hanging systems, or you would like to speak to a specialist about your requirements, please give us a call and one of our team will guide you to the best solution.

prices from:

£ 70.40

£ 84.48 inc VAT

Stockroom Garment Hanging Bays
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from £74.80 £89.76 inc VAT
Image for Single Sided

Single Sided

Single sided garment hanging bays have the beam on the frame uprights so that the garments hang towards the access aisle this is perfect for placement against walls around the perimeter of the stockroom.

from £80.08 £96.10 inc VAT
Image for Double Sided

Double Sided

Double sided garment hanging bays have two hanging beams placed on either side of the frame uprights so that the garments hang towards the aisles, enabling garments to be picked from both sides - ideal for open stockroom areas.

from £74.80 £89.76 inc VAT
Image for Central Hanging

Central Hanging

Central hanging bays use an oval hanging beam in the centre of the bay so that garments are away from the access aisles and therefore protected - this is very popular when combined with our mobile shelving systems.

from £70.40 £84.48 inc VAT
Image for Garment Rails & Hangers

Garment Rails & Hangers

Wide variety of garment hanging options from wall mounted rails and hooks to mobile garment rails.