Warehouse Design and Installation

As well as shelving and locker installations, we have successfully completed a large number of custom storage and warehouse projects since our foundation in 1986, including mezzanine floors, steel and wire mesh partitioning, racking, canopies and more.

Whether you’re upgrading your warehouse or opening an entirely new site, our highly skilled design and installation teams have a wealth of experience across a number of sectors. Wherever possible, we seek to deliver a complete storage solution to our customers, so if your requirements extend beyond standard racking, shelving or locker installation, please get in touch to discuss the full range of services on offer.

Take advantage of our free, no obligation site survey and we’ll develop an in-depth proposal, complete with CAD layout drawings, detailing the possibilities.

Our most popular warehouse services include:


Unishelf Warehouse Shelving

The ultimate heavy duty shelving system for manual picking

With deeper shelves and extra wide bays, our fully galvanised Unishelf shelving system is perfect for storing bulky items in warehouse environments. Unishelf bays incorporate all the advantages of our renowned Supershelf shelving system - strength, versatility, customisability and great value - but with pallet racking dimensions.

Key Features:

  • A choice of larger shelving dimensions.
  • Fully zinc coated steel components.
  • Easily adjustable on a 33mm pitch.
  • High grade structural steel, certified in accordance with EN10204 standards.
  • Bolt free assembly - just slots together.

This heavy duty industrial shelving system is available with super-sized bays up to 6000mm high, 3000mm wide and 1200mm deep. Extra strong shelf panels also provide remarkable load capacities of up to 800kg UDL per shelf, depending on the configuration - ideal for large boxes, crates, cartons and other large items in warehouses and stockrooms.

The Unishelf long span shelving system can be further equipped with a whole set of accessories, including dividers, plastic bins, perforated panels and more.

On top of all this, Unishelf heavy duty shelving is available at an incredibly competitive price, especially for configurations with a depth over 800mm.


Steel & Mesh Partitions

Steel and mesh partitions are a particularly useful addition to many warehouses and larger storage spaces, providing a cost-effective method to construct offices and other enclosed areas within existing buildings. Partitions can be either solid or wire mesh, with hinged doors or sliding doors, and are well suited to controlling staff access or securing certain goods and equipment.

Alternatively, for smaller spaces, our mesh cages can deliver many of the same benefits as partitioned enclosures, erecting a physical barrier to protect high value goods or materials. In many cases, mesh cages can also reduce the cost of insuring items.


Anti-Collapse Mesh

Anti-collapse mesh is an extremely popular warehouse upgrade designed to fit on the back of pallet racking or shelving to reduce the chance of items being accidentally knocked off, in turn substantially reducing the likelihood of injury and damaged goods.

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Warehouse mesh partitioning project

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