School Lockers

Transform Your School This Summer

All it takes is a little space

Schools are built to last, as they welcome new students year after year, the facilities you provide your students need to be durable and easily maintained.

At Action Storage we have been working with schools for over 30 years and have a wealth of experience in providing student personal storage that will last for years to come.

Our Lockers challenge you to go beyond grey and add an explosion of colour into your school, giving students personal storage they can be proud of.

Furthermore we have a School Locker Rental scheme that is designed to help you jump straight to the benefits without affecting your budget.

As for the lockers themselves, our versatile Atlas Steel Lockers cater to your students’ needs whilst having a uniquely robust design to provide long term use.

Get ready to rethink lockers with our tougher-than-tough eXtreme Plastic Lockers. Their undentable polyethylene construction means they are flood proof, can withstand damp environments and even be kept outside. Freeing up much needed space in busy classrooms and corridors.

If you’re uncertain about which option suits your school we provide a no-fee, no-obligation survey from one of our experts who will measure the space and provide you with a detailed CAD drawing as part of the proposal.

Also don’t miss out on our summer offer for UK schools where you can receive a 10% discount on your next quote from Action Storage.

If you’re ready to discuss transforming your school this summer you can either send an email to call 01908 525700 or complete the contact form below.


Contact us on 01908 525700 for more information on our locker design & installation service!

Locker Case Studies:

Oldswinford CE Primary School - Atlas Lockers
SIZE 0.58Mb | download


Heald Place Primary School - Atlas Lockers 
SIZE 0.24Mb | download


First Stroke Swim School - eXtreme Plastic Lockers 
SIZE 0.5Mb | download


Dr Challoner's Grammar School - eXtreme plastic school lockers
SIZE 0.35Mb | download


Box Hill School - eXtreme Plastic Lockers
SIZE 0.35Mb | download