School Locker Rental for Students

Looking to tidy up student storage areas without touching your budget? Our school locker rental scheme can help! 

ILS school locker rental banner


We understand that lockers are a significant investment for schools, both financially and in terms of the hours spent managing and maintaining the units. Our locker rental scheme is therefore designed to help you bypass the budget and jump straight to the benefits.

The scheme is delivered in partnership with Independent Locker Solutions (ILS), the largest school locker rental provider in the UK, trusted by over 68 schools.

Simply choose a space and ILS will take care of the rest: supplying, installing and maintaining brand new lockers at no cost to your school. Once in place, parents can book annually using ILS’s state-of-the-art online system, which allows a locker area and position (top, middle, bottom, etc.) to be selected. The school can also allocate student years to specific locker regions.

The total cost to parents is from only £22 per school year for one key, or an additional £1.80 for a spare key (the school is given a master key that opens all lockers on site). For this price, ILS will manage every aspect of your lockers, including repairing any damaged units on the same or next day after being reported.


All you need to do is provide the space! 

Find out more about locker rental with ILS:

Telephone: 01582 488885