Retail Specialists

Keeping enough stock to meet demand is always a challenge. The more stock you can keep on-site the easier it is to give customers a positive experience as they leave with their purchases, so the stockroom becomes an essential part of your store. Making your stockroom work best for you is what Action Storage has helped those in the retail sector achieve time and time again.

Shelving Tailored to Your Products

No one store has identical stock, so no stock room shelving should be the same either.

The Supershelf Shelving System is our solution for retailers as it is fully modular and the shelves can be hand-adjusted for different heights, with different shelf types available such as panel shelves, garments rails and small item storage.

Made of galvanised steel, lightweight but strong with bolt-free assembly for quick & hassle-free installation, Supershelf does everything right in providing a storage solution for your stock.

Increase Your Storage Capacity by up to 90%

Whilst Supershelf can be installed as static shelving, there is the option of a mobile shelving system which increases your storage capacity to let you make greater use of your space.

Our Storage Specialists have designed and custom built these mobile systems in a multitude of different stockroom layouts so there is no challenge they can’t solve in providing the storage solution that your store needs. 

Starting the Day Right

The staff room is typically where your staff start the day, changing into uniforms and storing their valuable items. Our lockers can provide them with a high level of security to put any concerns at ease.

Our versatile Atlas Steel Lockers offer the greatest range in options and our tougher-than tough eXtreme Plastic Lockers have several superior security features to suit even outdoor environments.

Providing Your Unique Storage Solution

Whatever your storage needs may be, our specialists can help determine the best solution for you by having a conversation with one of our specialists. For larger projects, we will carry out a site survey and provide you with an accurate CAD drawing of our proposed solution.

To arrange a site visit, or to answer any questions you may have, contact us on 01908 525700 today.