Storage Solutions for Healthcare Specialists

You’re all about providing care. Care for your patients, clients and your team of staff. At Action Storage, we’ve been working with organisations for over three decades to find the right storage solution as part of their commitment to care. Our product ranges are easily implemented into the building and the regular routine of your services so that nothing is overlooked.

Providing Secure Storage

The staff room is typically where your staff start their day, changing into their uniforms and storing their valuable items. Our lockers provide them with the level of security to put any concerns at ease.

Our eXtreme Plastic Lockers are ideal for the medical environment due to their tougher-than-tough build and the ability to be easily cleaned, maintaining a hygienic environment. They have a modular design, so they can be easily stacked, be it on top of each other, on one of our locker stands (to make it easy to clean underneath) or on top of our benches that allow staff sit whilst they change. eXtreme lockers are used all over the world due to the strength of the materials and we’re so confident in their durability, the lockers come with a 7-year warranty. Additionally, due to the durability of the eXtreme lockers, they can be kept outdoors providing cyclists with the ability to store their helmets and other items.

Our Atlas Steel Lockers are available in a variety of sizes, colours, lock types and door combinations to suit your requirements. The Atlas range has several unique features to make them easy to install and maintain whilst giving your staff the secure storage they need.

Your staff are not the only ones that can benefit from lockers. Lockers can also be provided to patients and visitors to store their valuables during their stay. 

Everyday Solution for Everyday Needs

Medical supplies, documents, cleaning items, equipment also need an easily accessible storage location. Our Supershelf shelving system has the versatility to store almost anything.

Made of galvanised steel and designed to easily adjusted with its modular design, Supershelf is globally trusted for the tailored approach we take to storage solutions.

Supershelf can be installed as bays of static shelving or as a mobile shelving system which can increase your storage capacity by up to 95% allowing you to make greater use of your space. The mobile system is easy to use with the hand wheels and is custom built for your storage space.

Providing Your Unique Storage Solution

Whatever your storage needs may be, we can help determine the best solution for you by having a conversation with one of our specialists. For larger projects, we will carry out a site survey and provide you with an accurate CAD drawing of our proposed solution.

To arrange a site visit or to ask any questions you may have, contact us on 01908 525700 today.