Mobile Shelving Design and Installation

Mobile shelving or Roller Racking, as it is sometimes called, is the best system we can offer to maximise storage capacity for boxed, folded, or hung items in a given area. As the system normally requires only one working aisle, depending on the dimensions of the area and the product being stored, mobile shelving can provide an increase of up to 95% compared with a static alternative.

In most businesses the storage area is normally kept to a minimum, so that the selling or office area within a building is maximised. If static shelving just cannot provide enough capacity in your storage area then mobile shelving will normally offer the solution. So whether you have a requirement to maximise capacity in a retail stockroom, police or healthcare records storeroom, or archive storage area, then mobile shelving will be the answer.

Please see the images below, which clearly illustrate how a mobile system can provide an increase of up to 95% in storage capacity, by using just one working aisle.

diagram of a static shelving layout
diagram of a mobile shelving layout

Our mobile shelving system is completely modular and requires no fixing into your flooring or walls. The system is constructed with a base made up from tracks that allow the shelving to roll, supported by infill boards, that provide a surface to walk on when the system is in operation.

Onto this we locate the rolling bases, then the shelving or garment hanging system as required. All this is simply laid and levelled onto your existing flooring, which means that modifications to the system, or complete removal and re location are possible and leave absolutely no damage to the floor in your building.

Other system can be operated using hand wheels fixed at one, or both ends of each moving base. These make light work of moving even heavy loads , as the hand wheels provide a mechanical advantage of 4 : 1 and only require a 4kg turning force to move every 1000kg.

For lighter loads we can offer the system fitted with simple handles fixed directly to the end of each moving base. The operator simply pulls the system along the tracks by hand, then locks the base into place by activating a simple rubber footbrake.

We can also tailor the system to suit most budgets, as there are three variations of mobile shelving available. For very light load requirements we can offer a system that uses floor mounted tracks that require no infill flooring. The shelving is installed onto bases mounted on the tracks and is then moved by pulling a fixed handle. For slightly higher loads we can offer the same system, but fitted with hand wheels, to provide easier movement of the load. For the heavier loads, or when an smooth floor is required to cover and existing floor in an area, we can offer our system which uses the tracks suspended on an infill floor laid directly onto the ground. This system can also be supplied with simple pull along type handles, with the mechanical hand wheels, or electrical operation.

All our mobile systems meet current industry and Health & Safety regulations, and are designed and installed in accordance with our ISO 9001 / 2008 Quality Assurance Procedures.


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