Hospitality Specialists

Make Storage Part of the Customer Experience

Storage may not be your first thought regarding leisure and hospitality but it’s a crucial aspect in giving your guests a positive experience. For instance, providing the security of personal storage when using the gym or pool facilities is a simple way to make their visit as seamless as possible. The guess are not the only ones you care for either, you can make it easier for your employees to fulfil their responsibilities with clever storage solutions which Action Storage have helped others achieve time and time again.

Lockers Your Customers Can Rely On

You can reduce your locker maintenance by investing in a locker range that is durable for every scenario: eXtreme Plastic Lockers.

eXtreme lockers are built for humid or damp areas such as changing rooms and swimming pools and have excellent durability whilst providing a high level of security to put any concerns at ease. Additionally, we provide Atlas Steel Lockers which are ideal for your staff to start their day right with a wide range of options to suit their needs. However, be sure to check our entire locker range to find the model that works best for you.

Increase Your Storage Capacity by up to 90%

There are so many things you will be keeping in stock: towels, bedsheets, complementary items, cleaning products, documents, spare uniform and so much more. So have a shelving system that adapts to your every need: Supershelf Shelving System.

Supershelf is available in a variety of sizes whilst retaining its lightweight yet strong nature. It’s bolt-free assembly means both quick & hassle-free installation and the ability to adapt to changing storage needs, making it an ideal solution for your stock requirements. Furthermore, you can increase your storage capacity by up to 90% with the option of a mobile shelving system or find a different solution for your needs by exploring our shelving range.

Storage Solutions for Every Need

Alongside our flagship products, we have a wide range of other storage solutions available.

From First Aid Cupboards to securely store medical items to roll containers and cages to transport stock items safely around your premise. You can find a storage solution for every challenge may have by exploring our different categories.

Providing Your Unique Storage Solution

Whatever your storage needs may be, our specialists can help determine the best solution for you by having a conversation with one of our specialists. For larger projects, we will carry out a site survey and provide you with an accurate CAD drawing of our proposed solution. To arrange a site visit, or to answer any questions you may have, contact us on 01908 525700 today.