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We were approached by the award winning First Strokes Swim Schools, who teach over 6000 students each week in purpose built swimming centres in Suffolk, with the hope that we could provide lockers suitable for their changing rooms.

First Strokes required lockers of exceptional durability, capable of withstanding not only the daily clamour of hundreds of excitable students but also the corrosive effects of a damp and chlorinated environment. The number of visitors meant that the lockers needed to be easily maintainable and able to be power washed. Crucially, the lockers also had to be visually appealing, fitting into and enhancing the fun and relaxed environment that First Strokes has created.

Our eXtreme Plastic Lockers® ticked all of these boxes. The tough polyethylene construction ensures that they are exceptionally hard-wearing while remaining unaffected by a damp and chlorinated environment. eXtreme Plastic Lockers® can also be power washed, and drain holes will allow any water inside the lockers to escape easily.

Bespoke colours available with eXtreme Plastic Lockers
eXtreme Plastic Lockers can be power washed for hygiene areas
eXtreme Plastic Lockers can easily be stacked and nested in various combinations

Most importantly, the attractive design and bespoke colour options of our eXtreme Plastic Lockers® meant that we were able to offer First Strokes not only the most practical solution but also one that complemented the look of their swimming centre.

In total, we have successfully installed 16 x 450mm high lockers and 6 x 600mm high lockers. All lockers were customised with navy bodies, orange doors for the male changing room and pink doors for the female changing room, giving each its own identity.

We are proud to say that First Strokes Swim Schools rated our products and their overall experience with us as excellent. After this successful install, First Strokes Swim Schools could potentially be rolling out eXtreme Plastic Lockers® to their other centres in Essex and Cambridge.



"Excellent communication and friendly advisors" - Gillian Dovey, Founder

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eXtreme Plastic Lockers at First Strokes Swim Schools