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Transform Your School With Our Storage Solutions 

With over 30 years of experience we know freeing up much needed space in schools can be a problem. That’s why we provide storage solutions that are best suited for schools, colleges and universities with very few maintenance requirements. 

Our survey and installation teams, with all the necessary checks and qualifications, have extensive experience with schools and know how to accommodate the intricacies of different buildings and deliver a tailored solution for your school.

All It Takes Is A Little Space

It doesn’t take much to transform your student storage space, with Atlas Steel Lockers you can achieve a lot with little space.

The Atlas school locker range was designed following our years of installation experience to provides a solution that is easy to maintain whilst being economical, reliable and versatile.

Atlas school lockers are available in a range of sizes to accommodate each students' needs, higher lockers are available for older, taller students, whilst smaller lockers are available for younger children and their unique, robust design greatly reduces the risk of damage. 

Designed for ease, the doors have a unique change system should they need to be swapped and our specialised lock barrels have both a master and a management key with the latter allowing you to replace the barrel of the lock should the keys be lost.

Have a look through our case studies to see their success in other schools or contact us to discover what we can do for you.

Rethink Lockers with eXtreme

If you’re stuck for indoor space, then eXtreme Plastic Lockers is the outdoor solution you need.

Constructed from hardwearing polyethylene, eXtreme lockers undentable construction makes them highly resistant to damage, weather and corrosion. As an outdoor locker solution, eXtreme gives you the opportunity to create more space for creativity inside your school.

Available in three sizes, eXtreme has a modular design so that lockers can be stacked to suit the layout of your school, and their vibrant colours will make them hard to miss.

See how other schools have utilised eXtreme Lockers in our case studies or contact us today to eXplore how they can transform your school.

Storage Solutions for Every Need

Alongside our flagship products, we have a wide range of other storage solutions available.

Our Supershelf Shelving System is ideal for storing documents, supplies and other items thanks to the lightweight yet strong nature of the design. They are available in a vast range of sizes and there is the option of a mobile shelving system which can increase your storage capabilities by up to 95%

Furthermore, we have Utility Cupboards, Waste & Recycling Bins, First Aid Cupboards and much, much more available for your school. You can find every storage solution you need by exploring our extensive shops.

Providing Your Unique Storage Solution

Whatever your storage needs may be, our specialists can help determine the best solution for you by having a conversation with one of our specialists. For larger projects, we will carry out a site survey and provide you with an accurate CAD drawing of our proposed solution.

To arrange a site visit, or to answer any questions you may have, contact us on 01908 525700 today.