Case Studies

Listed below are a selection of case studies highlighting our recent project installations, often with a focus on the educational sector. Click on the links below to download a case study as a pdf.

Stanton School's big tidy up!

The unsightly mess of fallen bags and coats, with pupils losing their personal belongings with coat pegs led Stanton School to investigate the possibility of installing lockers. Our Atlas Steel Lockers matched all their criteria at a competitive price, and the school felt confident that we could deliver a superior service.

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Improving Radleys Primary School's cloakroom area

Radleys were using coat hooks to provide students with a place to store coats, bags and other essentials. The resulting mess was damaging the clean and calm environment the school’s staff have worked hard to create. Our friendly storage experts helped overcome their concerns one by one!

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Bespoke lockers colour to suit Curzon CE Combined School

Curzon C of E School decided that lockers could help tidy up their cloakrooms and give pupils the responsibility of their own space. Staff were also determined that the lockers should match the school colours. Curzon School took advantage of our custom colour service to find the perfect school lockers.

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Great Linford Primary School now Serving 300 Students with Atlas Lockers

Wanting to avoid complex key management, Great Linford Primary School purchased our Atlas student lockers, all with swivel catches that could fasten without being locked. We provided them with both our 943mm and 1372mm custom height lockers- perfect to suit children of all ages.

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Hammond Community Junior School enjoy Hook Free Corridors

Health and safety is a primary concern for all educational institutes and with ease and guidance from our expert designers, we were able to install our colourful Atlas student lockers to provide the best storage solution.

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More Atlas Lockers installed for Key Stage 2 students at Oldswinford CE Primary School

After a successful locker instalation for their year 5-6s, Oldswinford CE Primary School returned to us to provide personal storage for their year 3-4's. The school were particular impress with the vibrant colours of the lockers, which is styled in blue and red harlequin effect. Both the management and pupils are delighted with the new set of lockers.

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Heald Place Primary School Locker Project Success with Colourful Doors

Heald Place Primary School approached us to resolve their health and safety issue with open cloak hook storage in their corridor. We supplied 130 x 1372mm high lockers to suit key stage 1 and 2 students with vibrant colours to reinforced the fun and positive atmosphere.

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Hailey CE Primary School Improved their Cloakroom Facilities with Lockers Storage

Increasing in pupil numbers over the past few years has led Hailey CE Primary School to outgrown their existing cloakroom facilities. We were approached to provide a locker solution to tackle tidiness of the cloakroom. Our Atlas school lockers fitted their requirement perfectly; from survey, design, supply, delivery to install - all within 2 weeks!

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Award winning First Stroke Swim Schools changing room locker installation.

We were approached by the award winning First Strokes Swim Schools in Suffolk, with the hope that we could provide lockers suitable for their swimming pool change rooms. In total, we successfully installed 22 swimming pool lockers in customised colours.

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Nottingham Free School's classroom lockers requested by students

Brand new Nottingham Free School has installed 32 Atlas steel lockers in four different classrooms requested by their students, even without any dedicated locker budget. Each bank of lockers comprised of 2 colours at no extra cost to match the school colour.

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Independent Box Hill School locker installation

Box Hill is a small independent co-educational boarding and day school, set in a beautiful location around Surrey with a mix of classic architecture & modern buildings. 160 compartments of the 900mm high eXtreme Plastic lockers were installed outside under sheltered spots to replace old cloakroom facilities for the students.

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Woodmancote Primary School classroom lockers installation

This large primary school was having renovation work completed and wanted to use the time to install lockers into six classrooms. We visited and surveyed the school, advised on varies school locker options, quoted and completed the installation all during the summer holidays.

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Quality outdoor lockers for the intense California sunshine

Keys Family Day School has been searching for quality locker durable enough to be placed outside in the intense California sunshine before discovering our high quality eXtreme Plastic lockers. We shipped 120 compartments of our 600mm high outdoor eXtreme plastic locker and the school were simply ecstatic about them.

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Custom sized steel school lockers to compile with health & safety regulations

Large Wilbraham Primary School in Manchester was using cloakroom hooks for student’s personal items which have failed fire inspections due Health and Safety regulations. To suit younger primary school students, Action Storage has installed 160 x 3 door custom height (1372mm high) Atlas school lockers with swivel catch & sloping tops.

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Colourful & flexible eXtreme Plastic Lockers for Bird’s Bush Primary School

Bird’s Bush Primary School in Staffordshire took advantage of the summer break to renovate their cloakroom by replacing cloakroom benches with school lockers. Action Storage’s colourful and flexible eXtreme Plastic Locker solution was perfect to suit their different age/height pupil groups.

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Dr Challoner's Grammar School - eXtreme plastic school lockers

Schools never seem to have enough space. Class sizes are rising, while government funds for building expansion are near non-existent. For some schools, the solution is to move the lockers outdoors. Dr Challoner's Grammar school in Amersham, sourced XX eXtreme Plastic lockers which were installed in a variety of walkways and porches freeing up essential classroom space whilst still providing XX compartments for pupils.

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England Hockey - eXtreme plastic lockers at Highfields

Weather proof lockers were required for the press area during the International Women's Hockey Championship at Highfields Hockey Centre (Nottingham). Action Storage to the rescue!

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Aberdeen Diocesan Library Shelving Installation

The library (which has been archiving antique books since 1720) was to be moved to a new home in the chapel of a newly refurbished church. A mix of Supershelf and Technic wall shelving was installed in a single day by our expert installation team - quick, clean and with minimal disruption. Super success!

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Monster Energy - Pallet Racking & SuperShelf

Monster Energy was in the process of expanding its operations, and required a new warehouse to be outfitted. It had to find a company with the expertise to plan how to make the best use of the available space and able to install a large quantity of storage racking and shelving within a small timeframe.

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City Electrical Factors - Mobile Retail Stockroom System

City Electrical Factors - Mobile Retail Stockroom System

With a relatively small new branch in London and a huge stock requirement, CEF turned to Action Storage for advice on how to get the most out of their stockroom. We designed and installed a fantastic mobile shelving system based on SuperShelf - ensuring that not only was each row of shelving movable to maximise the amount of usable floor space but the shelving itself could be quickly adjusted to suit changing stock requirements.

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Bartley Green School - eXtreme plastic school lockers

Bartley Green school was concerned with the health & safety risk of small pupils carrying large heavy bags and identified lockers as the only realistic solution, but lacing classroom and corridor space where to put them? To address this problem we installed nearly 200 eXtreme plastic school lockers installed oustide under canopies.

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